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Jean Ruttenberg, MA

I am a well-known and respected specialist in the area of Autism. I provide services to individuals and organizations, and I offer consultations to other professionals. I see nearly all ages, and I am especially skilled at solving difficult behavior problems.

Every day life for individuals with autism, ADHD, or other emotional challenges can be confusing, anxiety-provoking, and painful.  I believe that by gaining greater insight along with learning practical strategies that together we can tackle life’s stressors, reduce symptoms and build competency.

 I am a well-known and respected specialist in the area of autism, ADHD and emotional disorders.  I assist all age groups and am skilled at solving difficult behavior problems.

 I work closely with families in the home, school, community, and office to create supportive environments for their child or young adult.  I assist with IEP development and accompany families to IEP meetings and school conferences.  I assist college students to further their understanding of how to organize and monitor the college workload, as well as addressing the social and emotional demands that are specific to university life.

 I work collaboratively with families to enhance their relationships and understanding of their children.  I work with therapists and other professionals to expand their knowledge of autism and ADHD.

In 2008 I was awarded Villanova University’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Graduate Alumni Medallion for demonstrated excellence in my professional field. I am a frequent guest speaker on Fox 29, ABC, and CBS to discuss autism-related issues.

Jean Ruttenberg, MA

In addition to being a key spokesperson on autism at the state and local level, I provide consultation and training to school districts, agencies and county programs throughout the Delaware Valley.