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Dr. Lorna Jansen

There are a number of difficult circumstances in each of our lives. Sometimes, it is helpful to have someone walk alongside you as you navigate different challenges. My aim is to help you live well and reach the goals that you deem important, by providing support and assistance through therapy or testing. In general, I focus on improving relationships and expanding coping skills for individuals and families.

Currently, I work with children, adolescents and young adults who are dealing with anxiety, depression, ADHD and school problems. Often, I find that families benefit from addressing practical struggles that arise in the course of everyday life and thereby get at the source of the stress. In addition, I run groups for kids and parents to foster social and relationship skills and frequently teach mindfulness and other relaxation strategies, as needed.


I help women who are pregnant or dealing with postpartum depression, anxiety and other parenting issues and offer a faith-sensitive approach to individuals who would like to include spirituality or religion in their work.


I provide academic coaching for those struggling with organization, time management and study skills. I am glad to offer presentations and trainings on the following topics among others: Supporting Children Who Are Anxious for educators and parents; Ways to Enrich Your Relationship for families and Study Strategies and Stress Management for students.


Since 2010, I have worked with children, families and young adults in a variety of settings. In the past, I provided therapy and assessment to children in a number of local private and public schools. In addition, I served as an academic coach with young adults in college. I have provided therapy to people of all ages in a community mental health center, as well as in a partial hospitalization program for children under the age of 5. I have been in private practice since 2014.

I am a Licensed Psychologist and Certified School Psychologist in Pennsylvania. I have a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Widener University, a masters in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College in Illinois, and a bachelor’s degree in Child Psychology from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.

Dr. Lorna Jansen