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Dr. Faye Lovrinic

Thank-you for visiting The Center’s website. As a licensed psychologist and certified school psychologist in the state of Pennsylvania, I work collaboratively with clients to achieve a balanced and healthy state of mind.  Moving from “distressed” to “de-stressed,” becoming more in control of emotions and thoughts, and feeling comfortable with decisions can be transforming. Therapy can help to create solutions to problems that on the surface seem insurmountable.

I specialize in assessment - psycho-educational, personality, and custody. I enjoy working with parents to better understand the educational needs of their child or teen. Knowledgeable in special education law, I assist parents and schools in developing educational plans that will help students to make meaningful academic progress.  I enjoy working collaboratively with other professionals by conducting diagnostic or personality evaluations to assist in treatment planning and therapeutic process.  As an independent consultant for Court Conciliation and Evaluation Service, I work collaboratively with divorced parents to evaluate and facilitate positive co-parenting relationships in the best interest of their children.

I also specialize in psychotherapy services (children/teens and adults) to help individuals in dealing with life’s challenges. For children and teens experiencing developmental delays or social discomforts, I facilitate social groups that help them learn how to better navigate their social world.  In working with children, teens, and adults in psychotherapy, I customize treatment and develop goals based on the unique needs of the person, drawing from several different theoretical orientations in which I have been trained.

Since graduating with a Doctorate in Psychology from Widener in 1997 I have practiced in a number of settings, including private practice, inpatient psychiatric, residential, school, and rehabilitation. As an advocate for children and families, I have written grants for innovative, evidenced- based programming in school settings, have presented at conferences on a variety of topics ranging from bullying prevention to suicide prevention, and have worked in support of children who are experiencing divorce in the family.

Dr. Faye Lovrinic

Thank you for taking the time to read about our services at The Center.  We recognize the seriousness of your decision to seek support for yourself or your family.  I hope this information has helped you with some of the questions you might have. If you would like specific detail of my training and experience, my curriculum vitae is available for your review at our center. I am happy to provide consultation to further assist you in finding the appropriate treatment that fits your particular needs.