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Derrick Stahl, MS

            In my clinical work, what I have come across is that people often are quick to identify what is “wrong” with them as a way to explain the difficulties in their lives. However, my approach to that question is “what has happened to you?” instead. Learning to identify that no one is inherently broken is the first step in being able to take back ownership of one’s life. In that same step, individuals who reframe their thinking to understand how their past has resulted in their present experience allows them to accept that past and build towards a new self-concept. This newly refined sense of self is one that is more capable of acceptance, which breeds further peace within ourselves.

            I am a fourth-year doctoral student in West Chester University’s Clinical Psychology program. Over the years I have been exposed to multiple clinical settings such as community mental health, community-based intervention, private practice, and an inpatient psychiatric treatment facility. I have worked with a wide range of populations including children, adolescents, and adults from diverse backgrounds and diagnoses (mood disorders, disruptive/impulse control, neurodevelopment, brain injury, psychotic spectrum disorders, trauma and stressor disorders). Additionally, my area of interest in clinical work is psychophysiological interventions and principles incorporated into treatment of psychiatric disorders.

            As a practicum student at the Center for Neuropsychology and Counseling, I provide neuropsychological assessment and intervention services to a diverse client population.