Our Team

Carol Bardsley, M.A., CPCRT, CBIS

Ms. Bardsley Telehealth link - Use the Google Meet link emailed to you.

Dr. Brittnie Blanchard

Dr. Blanchard's Telehealth link - https://sessions.psychologytoday.com/dr-brittnie-blanchard

Katie Bradley, LPC

Ms. Bradley's Telehealth link - https://sessions.psychologytoday.com/katie-bradley-lpc

Dr. Christina Carson-Sacco

Dr. Carson-Sacco's Telehealth link - https://sessions.psychologytoday.com/drcarsonsacco

Anastasia J. Checchio, MS

Ms. Checcio's Telehealth link -https://sessions.psychologytoday.com/ms-anastasia-checchio

Dr. Stacey Gagliano

Dr. Gagliano's Telehealth link - https://sessions.psychologytoday.com/dr-stacey-gagliano

Karen Hawkey, MEd, CBIS, CDCS

Ms. Hawkey's Telehealth Link - (Use the Google Meet link emailed to you for each session)


Emily Israel, MS

Ms. Israel's Telehealth link - https://doxy.me/emilyi1

Dr. Lorna Jansen

Dr. Jansen's Telehealth link - https://sessions.psychologytoday.com/dr-lorna-c-jansen

 Brittany Keim, MS

Ms. Keim's Telehealth link: - https://sessions.psychologytoday.com/brittany-keim

Dr. Michael Oakley

Dr. Oakley's Telehealth Link - https://sessions.psychologytoday.com/michael-oakley-1

 Jean Ruttenberg, MA

Ms. Ruttenberg does not provide video telehealth session, but will speak by phone

Dr. J. Stone

Dr. Stone's Telehealth link - https://sessions.psychologytoday.com/drjstone

Dr. Jason Tanenbaum

Dr. Tanenbaum's Telehealth link - https://sessions.psychologytoday.com/dr-jason-b-tanenbaum