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New Hope

The clinicians at the Center for Neuropsychology & Counseling are trained to evaluate your situation and its causes, and work with you to uncover solutions that work for you.

Our team provides therapy for individuals, couples, and families, and works with issues such as anxiety, depression, stress management, ADHD and autism spectrum disorders in New Hope PA.

Helping New Hope couples strengthen connections

Every couple has arguments. But not every couple handles conflict the same way. Sometimes those conflicts can lead to resentment, anger and distance, causing the relationship to deteriorate.

The Center’s clinicians can help you work on your relationship. Our team is skilled at helping couples identify the strengths and weaknesses in their partnership and learn new ways to communicate and handle conflict.

Guiding children through tough times

Childhood comes with challenges. Kids deal with anger, stress, depression and – as they enter their teen years – identity development issues. Our experts can help your children overcome these hurdles, thrive and resolve challenges.

We can also work with New Hope families when relationships are strained, helping you forge positive connections.

About New Hope PA

A small borough on the eastern border of Bucks County, the town of New Hope sits along the banks of the Delaware River, with Lambertville NJ on the other side. It has become a an extremely popular location to settle down and raise a family, and was actually ranked as the most expensive real estate in the state, and the 86th most expensive real estate in the country. While the town has become known as a tourist and shopping destination, it has a rich history due in large part to its equidistance between Philadelphia and New York City.